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   Royal Australian Armoured Corps Association NSW
    About The Royal Australian Armoured Corps Association NSW

The Royal Australian Armoured Corps Association ABN 49709547198 is for all those who are still serving or who have served in ARMOUR. This is your opportunity to enjoy the advantages of RAACA membership and continue your association in the spirit of ARMOUR.

The Royal Australian Armoured Corps is the direct descendent of the Australian Cavalry and Mounted units that fought in the Boer War. Some existing units are the same ones that sent soldiers to South Africa 1899-1903, all carry the heritage. The Royal Australian Armoured Corps (RAAC) is the senior corps of the Australian Army; the Corps takes pride in its status and accepts the responsibility of its seniority.

The RAAC Association (RAACA) was formed in 1946 to enhance the special camaraderie which the corps generates hand in hand with the RAAC units and unit associations across the nation.

Our (the RAACA's) purpose is to maintain unity and contact between all RAAC units and members from the day they join the RAAC onwards.

This is achieved, inter-alia, by conducting ANZAC Eve, ANZAC Day, Cambrai Day and other commemorations: prize giving to RAAC graduates; senior high school student scholarships and most importantly by publishing of newsletters.

We have trained advisors to help with any welfare or entitlement concerns. Further we encourage widows to remain in contact so that they can seek our help with any difficulty they may face.

The RAACA is also represented on the Australian Veterans and Defence Service Council (AVADSC) which is the peak body concerning the well being of soldiers old and new. Our submissions to government and defence go direct through the AVADSC to gain emphasis and greater attention.

The corps originates from the Mounted and Cavalry units created in colonial times. It carries the heritage of those units and post Federation Commonwealth Horse in the Boer War, the Light Horse and Machine Gun units of World War I, the Light Horse, Armoured and Special Forces units developed between the wars and deployed in World War II, The Tank, armoured Mobility and Armoured Reconnaissance troops that served and are serving in Vietnam, Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan. Currently the corps consists of Tank, Reconnaissance, Armoured Mobility and Light Cavalry units.

An RAAC Corporation has been established to gather all RAAC Associations under one HQ for coordination of the annual Congress and lobbying for "issues". The RAACA has chapters in all states (except Queensland where it is represented by the 2/14 LH Association) and the Northern Territory.

Many of our members are also volunteers at the various Corps Museums and Regimental Collections throughout Australia.

The tasks of the RAACA are publication of the Association journal "Black Beret" and administration of the FB Hinton Scholarship Trust for members' senior high school children.

The Association has members who served in World War II to the present day, Regular and Reserve. Your membership is crucial to the continued existence of the vital Armoured Corps organisation. Please accept this invitation to join and encourage all fellow Black Hats to do likewise.

To join, simply go to our membership page.

CLICK HERE to download the RAACA NSW constitutionm.

CLICK HERE to download the RAACA NSW brochure.

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